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    No Brexit to No Deal

    The Brexit saga is quickly coming to a head, but it is increasingly unclear which direction it is headed.

    Replay this webinar as Mark Zandi and Barbara Teixeira Araujo assess the global macroeconomic implications of the range of possible scenarios from No Brexit to No Deal. We use the Moody’s Analytics Global Macroeconomic Model to explore the economic fallout from Brexit.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Record-Fast Money Growth Eases Market Anxiety

    Ongoing rallies by both the equity and corporate bond markets assume that any forthcoming rise by financial distress among businesses, households, as well as state and local governments, will be manageable.

    May 2020 Pdf John Lonski, Yukyung Choi, Barbara Teixeira Araujo, Ryan Sweet, Steven Shields

    Weekly Market Outlook: Default Outlook: Markets Appear Less Worried than Credit Analysts

    As inferred from May-to-date's average 2.56-million initial state jobless claims per week, another outsized shrinkage of payrolls is likely following the loss of 881,000 jobs in March and the mind-boggling disappearance of 20.54-million jobs in April.

    May 2020 Pdf John Lonski, Yukyung Choi, Barbara Teixeira Araujo, Ryan SweetDan White, Steven Shields

    Weekly Market Outlook: High Technology Is North America's Biggest Corporate Borrower

    Across all rating categories, the recent $7.830 trillion of nonfinancial-corporate debt of North American nonfinancial companies rated by Moody's Investors Service was divided among $5.994 trillion of outstanding corporate bonds, $1.392 trillion of outstanding loans, and $444 billion of revolving credit facilities.

    May 2020 Pdf John Lonski, Yukyung Choi, Barbara Teixeira Araujo, Dante DeAntonio, Michael Ferlez, Ryan Sweet

    US & Canada Economic Outlook: Fragile Recovery

    The COVID-19 virus continues to spread and the economic damage is mounting. Recorded May 2020.

    May 2020 WebPage Mark ZandiCristian deRitis, Mark Hopkins, Ryan Sweet

    US & Canada Economic Outlook

    With the rapid deterioration in the global economy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Moody's Analytics presents an update to our economic outlook for the US & Canada.

    May 2020 Pdf Mark ZandiRyan SweetCristian deRitis, Mark Hopkins

    Weekly Market Outlook: Troubling Default Outlook Warns Against Complacency

    Expectations of an unfolding upswing by business activity from a miserable April have lifted financial markets.

    May 2020 Pdf John Lonski, Yukyung Choi, Barbara Teixeira Araujo, Dante DeAntonio, Michael Ferlez

    Weekly Market Outlook: Fed Intervention Sparks Back-to-Back Record Highs for IG Issuance

    In March 2020, the issuance of US$-denominated investment-grade (IG) corporate bonds soared to a record $268 billion, which far surpassed January 2017's erstwhile zenith of $193 billion.

    April 2020 Pdf John Lonski, Yukyung Choi, Barbara Teixeira Araujo, Adam Kamins, Ryan Sweet, Steven Shields

    COVID-19: Q&A Update

    In this webinar, Mark Zandi and the Moody’s Analytics team answer wide-ranging questions from audience participants stemming from the economic impact of COVID-19.

    April 2020 WebPage Mark ZandiCristian deRitisRyan Sweet

    Weekly Market Outlook: April's Financial Markets Transcend Miserable Economic Data

    April will be home to the most pronounced monthly shrinkage of U.S. payrolls since January 1939 at least.

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    This Week in the COVID Crisis

    The apex of the economic blow from the coronavirus in the U.S. is occurring now.

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