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    Liquidity Compliance

    Moody's Analytics liquidity compliance solution helps banks address the complex liquidity compliance requirements under Basel III. The solution leverages the Moody's Analytics data management platform to provide accurate and comprehensive compliance for liquidity coverage and net stable funding ratio.

    Ensure accurate, streamlined, and comprehensive liquidity compliance for Basel III. This solution leverages the Moody's Analytics data management platform to consolidate results for the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) and the net stable funding ratio (NSFR). Within the data management platform, granular, transaction-level datasets deliver the most accurate results, optimizing your liquidity compliance structure and reducing the cost of capital.

    Deliver integrated Basel III liquidity compliance, stress testing, and IFRS 9 impairment accounting, assessing the impact of any changes on economic and regulatory capital, Basel III compliance, and liquidity risk.

    Integrate regulatory reporting with liquidity compliance

    This solution is integrated with the Moody's Analytics Regulatory Reporting Module, enabling banks to deliver accurate and consistent regulatory reporting.

    Deliver best-practice liquidity compliance

    Banks are challenged with demonstrating enhanced liquidity compliance through the LCR and NSFR and aligning such compliance with other regulatory demands, such as Basel III, stress testing, and IFRS 9. They also seek to manage costs and align with the direction of the business. Seamless integration of this solution with the Moody's Analytics data management platform ensures that banks can deliver both regulatory compliance and business management from a single source of data.


    Economic Forecast Scenarios

    Moody's Analytics provides baseline economic forecasts and alternative scenarios for more than 70 countries, updated monthly.

    Financial Markets Forecasts

    This service provides forecasts of market risk instruments under alternative scenarios for improved risk management processes.


    The RiskAuthority application delivers streamlined and automated regulatory compliance for Basel I, II, and III.


    RiskConfidence ALM system offers integrated enterprise ALM, FTP, liquidity risk management, and business and regulatory reporting.

    Structured Finance Portal

    This portfolio analysis solution, comprised of three separate modules, helps monitor performance, conduct cash flow analytics, and generate regulatory metrics.

    Structured Finance Portal Regulatory Module

    The Regulatory Module helps banks and financial institutions meet their structured finance regulatory needs.

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