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    Unleashing the Power of Risk Assessment

    October 2023

    Unleashing the Power of Risk Assessment

    Moody’s continues to lead the way, earning the number one overall ranking in the Chartis RiskTech100® 2024 annual report for the second consecutive year.

    At Moody’s, our goal is to help companies and organizations across industries anticipate risk, adapt and thrive – and earning the top spot in the Chartis RiskTech100® is a testament to our work of achieving exactly that. This prestigious recognition highlights the strength of our offerings, our continued commitment to customers and our growth as a leading integrated risk assessment provider.

    Why does risktech matter?

    Risk across sectors

    Today’s environment is constantly changing, and as a result, so is the nature of risk. Risks that used to exist in silos are now colliding, multiplying and feeding off each other, creating a new era of exponential risk. Banks, insurers, companies and governments need a greater breadth and depth of understanding of how these risks interact and a 360-degree view of who they’re doing business with.

    • Banks need to fortify investments, evaluate lending risks and ensure financial system stability.
    • Insurers assess and measure risk to inform underwriting, claims management and to maintain competitiveness in their offerings.
    • Companies are looking to master supply chain risk, enhance compliance and fortify profits against unexpected disruptions.
    • Governments are tackling preparedness, regulatory compliance and optimized public spending.

    Ensuring companies are adaptable, competitive and well-prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow means taking a more modern approach to risk. It’s essential for companies of all kinds to harness the power of technology, to expect tailored approaches that can meet the unique needs of their business and be able to lean on trusted experts to stay ahead of the curve.

    Modernizing through technology

    To successfully manage the complexity of risk, businesses should embrace a holistic set of offerings, supported by continuous innovation and cutting-edge technology. Technology can scale with your business and your risk needs. In addition, it can help eliminate manual errors, more readily spot patterns and intersections, and integrate disparate processes. This approach allows for the comprehensive identification and assessment of risks and empowers organizations to proactively address them at speed and with greater accuracy.

    At Moody’s, we’re creating new integrated solutions, as well as enhancing existing ones. These offerings are supported by continuous innovation and cutting-edge technology, providing organizations with a more comprehensive understanding of risks. This combination helps build a solid foundation for modern risk management for our customers.

    Seek tailored solutions

    In an era of exponential risk, a one size fits all approach no longer cuts it. Every business has a unique risk profile that’s influenced by many factors such as industry, size, geographical reach and strategic goals. It’s become crucial to understand each customer’s needs and tailor our solutions to meet their requirements and align with the intricacies of their specific risk landscape. A customer-centric approach fosters responsiveness, adaptability and continuous improvement, resulting in solutions that evolve in tandem with the ever-changing risk landscape.

    Collaborate with trusted experts

    It can be challenging to keep up with the speed of change when it comes to risk. In other words, navigating risk alone can be overwhelming and resource intensive. Organizations with a trusted provider, like Moody’s, can depend on deep expertise and valuable insights to get a multifaced view of risk: separating the signals from the noise, connecting their data more seamlessly and uncovering patterns within the chaos.

    The deep connections we create with customers helps them gain a better understanding of how risks interact with each other – integrating massive and diverse data sets, made simple and visible by predictive analytics that help to anticipate the effects of emerging threats and identify vulnerabilities – all so they can spot and seize opportunities, and build long-lasting competitive advantage.

    Number 1 and rising

    Chartis RiskTech100 2024

    Moody’s #1 recognition by Chartis is a culmination of decades of work in understanding our customers and building capabilities that add value. And this is just the beginning – as number one we stand at the forefront of this dynamic landscape, and we're uniquely positioned to continue driving innovation, and empower our customers with new ways to address risk.