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    Strategic Capital Planning

    Moody’s Analytics strategic capital planning solutions provide key capital ratio and credit metric projections based on a variety of strategic and economic scenarios.

    With new accounting standards on the horizon and an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, business units within a firm strive to deliver on various mandates simultaneously. Effectively defining and maintaining a transparent linkage between capital planning, stress testing, risk reporting, and corporate strategy remains a challenge.

    Gain critical information to guide strategic decision-making

    Many financial institutions struggle to evaluate strategic options quickly and efficiently. Capital management requires firms to spend considerable resources on data quality, availability, and infrastructure to meet regulatory requirements and accounting standards sufficiently. Increasingly, firms will differentiate themselves by how they apply these investments for strategic insight to drive profitability.

    Moody’s Analytics offers solutions that integrate credit portfolio management, stress testing, and impairment analysis in a consistent and intuitive way. These solutions are designed to provide insights to allow for growth within your organization and to create bridges across teams and among existing operational processes. By using common building blocks and technology, institutions can develop an efficient and effective risk management and financial planning framework.

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    Bank Call Report Forecasts

    Moody’s Analytics Bank Call Report Forecasts provide a objective approach for measuring the effects of macroeconomic variables on income and balance sheet projections. Our service allows for a more realistic assessment of bank factors affecting portfolio results under various scenario

    Capital Risk Analyzer for Stress Testing and Capital Planning

    Moody’s Analytics Capital Risk Analyzer solution is a tool that projects key capital ratios and credit metrics based on various strategic & economic scenarios for capital planning and stress testing (DFAST, EBA).

    Credit Loss and Impairment Analysis Suite

    Moody’s Analytics Credit Loss and Impairment Analysis Suite of credit risk models and data, economic forecasts, advisory services, and infrastructure solutions assists with expected credit loss calculations.


    The RiskAuthority application delivers streamlined and automated regulatory compliance for Basel I, II, and III.


    RiskFrontier software is an industry-leading credit portfolio risk management solution, trusted by financial institutions globally to improve business performance.

    Stress Testing Suite

    Moody’s Analytics Stress Testing Suite helps firms implement collaborative, auditable, repeatable, and transparent stress testing processes.


    The PortfolioStudio tool is part of Moody’s Analytics cloud-native, integrated Risk and Finance platform.

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