We help firms calculate economic capital, using a one-year value-at-risk (VaR) Monte Carlo approach. Our insights help quantify diversification benefits and concentration measures across portfolios and risk types to inform management, active asset allocation, and strategic business decisions.

Firms can maximize return on capital and address business needs associated with one-year VaR economic capital calculations and reporting. You can leverage a variety of simulation methods for scenario analysis, using correlation, econometric, macroeconomic, or your own proprietary models along with our sophisticated analytics. With our data, models, and research, you can estimate capital with confidence when evaluating distributions of losses, earnings-at-risk, and other components of profitability to determine total return.

Incorporate economic capital into decision-making

Our approach allows you to track the performance of individual business units or portfolios and ensure safety for bondholders by using economic capital measures.

Leverage economic capital to consistently measure credit risk in the portfolio

Firms can increase transparency in portfolio risk estimation, model risk profiles of complex instruments, incorporate region-specific correlation structures, and perform comprehensive stress testing.


Economic Forecast Scenarios: Standard

Moody's Analytics provides baseline economic forecasts and alternative scenarios for more than 50 countries, updated monthly.

GCorr™ Macro EL Calculator

GCorr Macro EL Calculator addresses regulatory requirements for stress testing and assists in strategic portfolio credit risk management.

Economic Data & Forecasts: Global

Leverage economic, demographic, and financial data, forecasts, and scenarios for the global economy.


The ImpairmentCalc software provides expected loss impairment calculations, incorporating data and scenario analysis for forward-looking evaluation under IFRS 9 and CECL guidance.


RiskFrontier software is an industry-leading credit portfolio risk management solution, trusted by financial institutions globally to improve business performance.

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