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    Moody's Analytics Insights

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Fed Rate Cuts May Fall Short of Stabilizing Markets

    Markets are trying to “price-in” an event for which there is no readily known precedent. Volatility will rule until COVID-19-related risks reverse course.

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    Moody's Analytics Wins IFRS 17 Solution of the Year

    Soon after its launch, it proved to be popular amongst a number of insurers on both sides of the Atlantic.


    Moody's Analytics Wins Solvency II Solution of the Year

    Solvency II came into life on 1 January 2016, bringing major changes to how insurers in the European Economic Area manage risk and capital, and how they report on their business.

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    Moody's Analytics Wins ESG Software of the Year

    Economic scenario generators (ESGs) are critical to insurers' risk and capital management processes and demands for greater innovation in these offerings is intensifying.


    Moody's Analytics Wins Regulatory Reporting Software of the Year

    In an era where all eyes are on compliance, regulatory reporting remains one of the most demanding areas for insurers.


    Moody's Analytics Wins ERM End-to-End Solution of the Year

    End-to-end risk modelling solutions have developed from a need among insurers to have a quick, accurate and reliable understanding of their enterprise risk and solvency positions.


    Non-bank Players are Ready for CECL — Are Banks?

    The initial intent of the CECL guidelines was to make loan-loss allowances more reactive to the credit environment. By setting aside greater allowances, organizations would be better prepared for a default.

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    The Changing Climate of Credit Risk Management

    While bankers are increasingly managing risks related to changes in policy and technology (also known as transition risk), physical risks are not necessarily an obvious set of primary factors for banks' commercial credit portfolio managers originating credit with maturities of three to seven years.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Optimism Rules Despite Unfinished Slowing of Core Business Sales

    The market value of U.S. common stock has been setting new record highs with regularity. The market appears to be supremely confident of two things.

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    U.S. Consumer Credit Outlook - 2020 Q1

    Join Scott Hoyt and David Fieldhouse, as they discuss the current and anticipated trends in household credit conditions based on Moody's Analytics forecasts of Equifax data.

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    Dealing With Fallen Angel Risk

    Highly Commended for Best Fixed Income Paper in the 2019 Savvy Investor Awards, this paper tests the early warning power of the CreditEdge Deterioration Probability (DP) metric for Fallen Angel downgrades.


    Company AA Displayed Increasing Default Risk Starting Late-2015

    Company AA, a U.S.-based transportation company, defaulted in August, 2018. The Moody's Analytics EDF™ (Expected Default Frequency) metric and Early Warning Toolkit highlighted the company's rising default risk 33 months before default. This case study details how the EDF measure and Early Warning Toolkit can assess risk.