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    Economic Scenarios

    Moody's Analytics economic forecasts and scenarios provide the foundation for stress testing, "what if" analyses, and regulatory compliance, enabling you to evaluate the impact of shocks and differing assumptions on the performance of your portfolios and business.

    Moody's Analytics produces baseline forecasts and standard alternative scenarios for more than 70 countries, as well as regulatory scenarios based on projections provided by governing authorities. Custom scenarios are tailored to your unique business models, exposures, geographic footprint, and assumptions.

    Moody's Analytics constructs plausible narratives based on a deep understanding of key threats to the economy. Each scenario is fully documented, explaining what might cause a change in the outlook, relative to the baseline.

    Scenarios are updated monthly to reflect the latest economic data and expectations, and they are produced by more than 80 economists with extensive expertise in macro and regional economic forecasting.

    Reliability You Can Trust

    Accuracy, timeliness, and exceptional client support are hallmarks of Moody’s Analytics offerings. Scenarios are supported by a dedicated team of economists who are happy to respond to your inquiries.

    Expertise You Can Trust

    Our experience and proven track record, coupled with detailed documentation and access to our analysts, enable you to leverage our scenarios with confidence.

    Featured Experts

    Economic Forecast Scenarios: Baseline & Stress

    Baseline economic forecasts and alternative scenarios for more than 70 countries, updated monthly.

    Economic Forecast Scenarios: Custom

    Custom economic scenarios, tailored to unique business models, exposures, geographies, and assumptions.

    Economic Forecast Scenarios: Regulatory

    Meaningfully expanded forecast scenarios based on projections provided by governing authorities.

    Economic Forecast Scenarios: Scenario Studio

    Produce custom economic scenarios based on Moody's Analytics trusted global forecast model.

    RiskFoundation™ Impairment Suite

    Moody’s Analytics RiskFoundation Impairment Suite is a strategic software platform that enables the end-to-end orchestration and automation of expected credit loss (ECL) calculations.

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