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    Economic Advisory

    In the global economy, it is critical to understand economic developments and monitor trends for your investment, risk management, strategic planning, and other needs. Leverage our global, macro, and regional expertise to capitalize on opportunities at every stage of the economic cycle.

    Moody's Analytics economists apply extensive economic expertise for client-specific business goals and needs. We can help you conduct revenue, market, and demand forecasting; construct plausible idiosyncratic scenarios; stress test portfolios; present analysis to your internal teams; and develop custom models.

    Our economists work across geographic and industry segments, building institutional knowledge on economic trends while individually focusing on a particular area of expertise.

    Whether it is adapting our standard offerings to your individual specifications or developing a custom solution for a one-time project, we aim to identify your goals and expectations and deliver exactly what you need.

    Assess forward-looking risks and opportunities

    Moody’s Analytics economic advisers provide the foundation for you to make informed decisions that help minimize risks and maximize opportunities at every stage of the business cycle.

    Extensive expertise you can trust

    We are regularly sought out by policymakers, financial institutions, institutional investors, and major media outlets for our broad economic knowledge and individual areas of expertise on current and expected economic conditions.

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