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    Moody's Analytics has extensive experience in delivering clear, actionable insight to clients through speaking engagements. Our analysts cover a variety of timely, relevant topics across a range of industries, sectors, and geographies to help firms account for current and future economic conditions and manage risk and opportunities effectively.

    Clear, forward-looking economic insights

    • Highly qualified speakers, many with PhDs and deep economic forecasting and scenario expertise.
    • Objective, jargon-free analysis coupled with extensive experience in explaining economic concepts to traditional and nontraditional users.
    • Broad coverage of relevant economic topics, including macro and regional outlooks and specialized areas, such as real estate and credit conditions.
    • Timely economic information updated on a monthly basis.

    Benefit from extensive economic forecasting expertise

    • Utilize comprehensive and timely information to understand the many components that drive the economy.
    • Leverage Moody's Analytics expertise in strategic business planning such as expansions and acquisitions.
    • Gain insights to identify market opportunities, target growth areas, and adjust customer retention and marketing programs.
    • Assess the impact of potential economic downturns on your portfolios, business, and investments.

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