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    Economic Data

    Moody's Analytics provides comprehensive economic data and forecasts at the global, national, and regional levels to meet the diverse information, planning, and risk management needs of financial institutions, governments, investors, and other businesses globally.

    Moody's Analytics maintains extensive economic, demographic, and financial databases that cover more than 180 countries and their subregions, providing granular views of banking, financial markets, commercial and residential real estate, demographics, prices, interest rates, industry, labor markets, and more. Our databases contain more than 280 million economic, financial, and demographic time series from over 600 sources, covering 180 countries and their subregions. Data are updated as original sources publish new figures.We also produce forecasts and alternative scenarios for more than 70 countries, including the US, all of its states and metropolitan areas, plus cities and states around the globe. In addition, we provide forecasts of specialized datasets, such as home price indices.

    Reliability You Can Trust

    Accuracy, timeliness, and exceptional client support are hallmarks of Moody’s Analytics. Our experienced specialists update data daily and regularly run integrity checks. Our economists and client service representatives are available to answer your questions.

    Comprehensive Coverage of the Global Economy

    We ensure the highest quality by using nationally sourced data where possible, supplemented by multinational datasets. Further enhancements are made by including value-added series and historical estimates to address limitations of as-reported data.

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