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    Financial Planning

    Moody's Analytics financial planning solution helps retail investors and their financial advisers identify and communicate risk to make appropriate planning decisions and select investment options which are suitable for clients’ financial needs and risk profiles.

    The risk and return characteristics of a financial plan must be communicated to a client in understandable terms. This can be accomplished by providing the client with a personalized projection of likely outcomes against stated financial or cash flow objectives, based on an existing or proposed investment strategy.

    Further enabling the client and adviser to perform a series of “what-if” scenarios to understand their financial planning options significantly improves the communication of risk, for instance by helping to communicate to the client the core decisions within their financial plan.

  • What happens if I change my investment strategy?
  • What happens if I change my contribution or withdrawal level?
  • How do I manage my financial plan to ensure I meet my objectives?
  • Supporting better planning decisions is the core objective of the Moody's Analytics suite of products and services, and we have created a financial planning engine designed to meet the needs of a wide range of advice propositions.

    Match client goals to solutions

    Our solutions can be configured to provide a client-specific assessment of the risk and return characteristics of a particular portfolio and help align investment choices to a client’s capacity for loss. We provide a quantitative assessment of a client’s capacity for loss, using fully-validated and regularly recalibrated economic modeling. This includes an option to embed an attitude to risk questionnaire, covering either the accumulation or decumulation phases of the savings lifecycle.

    Provide appropriate advice and suitability

    Moody’s Analytics solutions help assess investment suitability, illustrating potential loss and alignment of investment solutions with a client’s risk profile and financial objectives. It demonstrates how a chosen investment portfolio meets the client’s objectives, replaying the risk profile, downside risk, and sequence of returns risk. It confirms capacity for loss and flexibility within investment options. It also identifies appropriate product mixes. Gain access to dynamic “what-if” analysis that facilitates the comparison of different financial planning options: alternative investment strategies, contribution or income levels, and investment terms.

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