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    Bring together real-time news sources, and the best of the business web and social media to empower decision makers. Our proprietary capabilities include a number of patented components which offer our users unique advantages. The NewsEdge technology engine ingests, enriches, and distributes content in sub-seconds assuring the users of our interfaces and feeds fast access to support better decision making.

    Get advanced searching and smart alerting
    The NewsEdge suite of solutions finds content beyond the text. Our engine searches among millions of stories using simple queries or advanced Boolean logic returning accurate results in milliseconds. Craft personalized, precise alerts on the companies and industries that your users are monitoring with visual and audible attention grabbers.

    Use natural language processing to speed decision-making
    Our cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) technology performs classification and entity extraction to help you generate actionable signals for search, filtering and decision-making at record speed.

    Deliver timely, relevant content to your applications with our flexible APIs
    Get the content you need to boost your proprietary applications with minimal resource constraints.
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    The NewsEdge portal provides real-time news management and delivery for business professionals. We offer content from over 20,000 licensed and web sources, extensively tagged for detailed search.

    NewsEdge™ Alert

    Whether you’re a day trader making quick event-driven trading decisions or a newsroom monitoring a topic, our NewsEdge Alert solution provides you with global and market news as it happens so you can make informed decisions faster.

    NewsEdge™ Credit

    NewsEdge Credit is an application that combines trusted, relevant company news stories with credit risk expertise to provide a straightforward look of adverse credit signals in your company portfolio.

    NewsEdge™ Feed

    Whether for business intelligence, financial investments, or sharing real-time news and historical content with your company or clients, our NewsEdge Feed solution delivers one of the broadest collections of licensed and web-sourced content in the industry.

    NewsEdge™ Signal

    Major financial institutions trust the NewsEdge Signal solution to target the news they need with unparalleled speed. It delivers the fastest feed available to financial professionals who are serious about news-based trading strategies.