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    Economic Workstations

    Moody's Analytics provides powerful economic workstations for your analytical, forecasting, and stress testing requirements. They enable you to manage, visualize, and deliver economic research, data, and forecasts in ways that meet your diverse needs.

    Our intuitive and easy-to-use workstations enable users to assemble, analyze, and deliver information quickly. Users can perform both ready-made and custom comparisons of how market areas are performing, using report or data-based views. Presentation-ready charts and data can be downloaded, shared, or embedded and automatically updated within Microsoft® Office documents.

    Our workstations also provide users the ability to save and schedule baskets of data or custom reports for delivery to email, file transfer protocol (FTP) systems, and more (at intervals or when data change).

    Leverage our highly trained support team for inquiries

    Accurate, timely, and exceptional client support are hallmarks of Moody’s Analytics. Our experienced specialists update data daily and regularly run integrity checks. Our economists and client service representatives are available to respond to your questions.

    Benefit from up-to-date, highly flexible platforms

    We actively integrate new technologies into our workstations to allow users the greatest amount of customization, choice, and convenience. We also regularly introduce enhancements to our platforms.

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