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    Systemic Risk

    Moody's Analytics provides comprehensive tools to help regulators and systemically important financial institutions measure network connectivity in financial systems and surrounding, closely-linked counterparties.

    Systemic risk is a significant problem in banking and finance. Such risks are manifested when shocks to individual banks are transmitted to other sectors of the financial industry and the economy more broadly.

    As a result, regulators must identify systemically important institutions, find network-specific vulnerabilities, and identify conduits through which international shocks could be transmitted to their locale.

    Systemically important financial institutions, on the other hand, can proactively address regulatory mandates and risk management objectives by measuring and reporting their connectivity and network exposures to other institutions.

    Quantify contagion using measures and models

    Moody's Analytics takes a quantitative approach to assessing the prevalence and magnitude of dynamic spillovers in default probabilities, equity returns, asset volatilities, or leverage ratios across financial institutions in the user-defined network.

    Gain reliable metrics to monitor and manage systemic risk in financial networks

    Moody's Analytics provides reliable, market-implied risk metrics, indicating which institutions drive the default risk of other firms in the system, as well as several key dimensions of systemic risk that arise from such interactions.

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