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    Moody's Analytics Systemic Risk Monitor is an indispensable tool for financial institutions seeking to address systemic risk. It helps regulators fulfill their mandates to avoid banking crises, and helps institutions assess their levels of systemic importance and exposures to risk on a global basis.

    Gain deep insight into the nature of systemic risk networks

    • Delivers a rich set of system-wide and bank-specific counterparty and systemic risk analytics and visualizations.
    • Considers the transmission of shocks between institutions using accumulated financial market and balance sheet data.
    • Delivers measures of systemic risk contributions and exposures and counterparty credit risk sensitivities.
    • Allows global or cross-country systemic risks to be considered, as well as connectivity within specific jurisdictions.

    Manage systemic risk more effectively

    • Understand the counterparty risks faced by banks and their counterparties.
    • Visualize and quantify risks associated with banks' exposures to various counterparties.
    • Find and evaluate network-specific vulnerabilities and spillovers.
    • Quantify counterparty risks using widely available information.

    Backed by extensive economic forecasting and management expertise

      Moody's Analytics Systemic Risk Monitor is backed by economists with extensive experience in risk management and forecasting. We offer a quantitative, transparent, and documented methodology for incorporating economic factors into systemic risk management.

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