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    Insurance Regulatory Reporting

    Moody's Analytics insurance regulatory reporting solution supports the delivery of group and solo-entity quantitative reports to help insurers comply with regulatory reporting requirements such as Solvency II and other similar solvency regimes.

    Our reporting solution simplifies reporting demands by capturing, consolidating, and reporting the data needed for quantitative reporting templates. The solution supports a range of regulatory formats including XLS, XBRL, and TXT. 

    Easily create quantitative reporting

    Our solution makes Pillar III reporting easier and less time consuming by providing the quantitative templates insurers must report. Our solution not only deals efficiently with reporting requirements but also provides a strategic platform for all the data and quantitative reporting aspects of Solvency II and risk and capital management.

    Produce comprehensive business and regulatory reporting

    Gain confidence from ensuring the right data is in the right place at the right time to deliver accurate and timely reports to regulators and the market. Our solution helps to keep insurers' business and regulatory reporting in line with evolving requirements. We constantly update it to reflect new developments in reporting regulations, thus reducing your resource requirement. Our solution puts you in control of your reporting by making it easy to collect, consolidate, and submit your data in the right way.

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