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    The RiskFoundation datamart is the cornerstone of Moody’s Analytics comprehensive enterprise-level solution for insurance firms. It provides the infrastructure needed to implement a world-class risk management system and comply with regulatory frameworks.

    Aggregate all your risk and finance data onto a single platform

    • Consolidate risk and finance data from different source systems, including asset and liability results, into a single, common system of record, allowing you to view enterprise risk holistically.
    • Provides a data management toolkit that consolidates data from subsidiaries and populates missing and clean data from different source systems.
    • Access flexible reporting and dashboards to answer sophisticated analytical queries across your portfolio and design reports at both an aggregate and transactional level.
    • Choose from multiple deployment options, so you can implement those options that make the most sense for your environment, whether you want to measure risk at the local or group level or both.

    Achieve your risk management objectives with enterprise quality infrastructure

    • Use an infrastructure that can implement a world-class risk management system and comply with regulatory frameworks.
    • Leverage an enterprise-wide datamart, optimized for managing risk and financial data, that delivers business and regulatory reporting capabilities.
    • Access an administrative console, customization toolkits, grid computing and scenario-analysis software that can all be adapted to fit your firm’s unique risk infrastructure
    • Supports improved data quality, auditability, and transparency.

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