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    Moody’s Analytics Regulatory Reporting for Insurance produces and prepares the required regulatory quantitative reports in supervisors’ commonly used formats, languages, and templates for various global insurance regulatory solvency regimes.

    Get easy, accurate regulatory reporting for solvency regimes worldwide

    • Enables delivery of regulatory quantitative reports for various global insurance solvency regimes.
    • Supports all the reporting standards used by regulators including XBRL, XLS, and TXT, making it easy and pain free to submit regulatory reports on time and in the correct format.
    • Provides full audit control, capturing, and reporting on all changes to the data before, during, and after the reporting process. Automated validation rules ensure quality and coherence of reports.
    • Deliver comprehensive and fully audited user access control, down to cell, table, and company level, supporting management visibility and control. Deliver pre-defined and customizable reports.
    • Monitor and manage regulatory reporting processes using workflows that include automatic checks, automatic or manual signoffs, and dynamic workflows with loopbacks and notifications.

    Use one strategic platform for all your solvency reporting

    • Use a single strategic platform for all the data and quantitative reporting aspects of Solvency II and other global insurance regulatory regimes governing risk and capital management.
    • Simplify the demands of reporting by capturing, consolidating, and reporting data in the appropriate EIOPA quantitative reporting templates.
    • Get the right data in the right place at the right time, to deliver accurate and timely reports to regulators and the market.
    • Automate the collection, processing, and submission of reports to regulators.

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