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    Data Visualization

    Moody's Analytics offers comprehensive solutions that deliver powerful business, management, and regulatory insight for institutions. Our data visualization and discovery tools can identify new opportunities, address complex issues, enhance risk management, and assist with regulatory compliance.

    Finance executives and analysts seek to achieve strategic business objectives by addressing complex commercial, operational, and regulatory issues. Understanding these issues holistically and creating strategic options using accurate, up-to-date information can help them make fully informed decisions. It is imperative to drill down into complex data sets, identify the root cause of issues, and create actionable plans and reports that address business problems. To maintain speed and agility, this all must be done without involving outside resources to sift through data.

    Moody's Analytics provides comprehensive data visualization and discovery solutions that require minimal IT and data resources, so professionals can focus on addressing key credit management, business, and regulatory compliance objectives.

    Superior Performance through Effective Benchmarking

    Alongside a company's own data on borrowers, access to industry-wide metrics can enhance how credit professionals assess and price credit risk, and it can address gaps in the company's dataset. Peer analytics and data visualization capabilities from Moody’s Analytics provide benchmarks for deep evaluation of credit risk. Extensive industry benchmark data, on-demand dashboards, and self-service analytics deliver a more comprehensive and holistic view of credit risk. Powerful search capabilities and insightful "what if" analyses impart confidence in credit risk decisions.

    Delivering Business Insight

    Financial institutions have complex and granular data in their business. They need to be able to consolidate, standardize, and control the quality of data to make it truly valuable. Moody’s Analytics helps institutions derive value and actionable business insight from their data. Leveraging our data visualization solutions focused on credit risk, liquidity risk, stress testing, data quality management, and regulatory reporting, we help institutions evaluate their business by country, revenue stream, business unit, and cost base to create more "what if" strategic options and make better informed decisions.

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