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    Irina Korablev

    Offers expertise in data science, data operations, credit risk models and model monitoring, plus model management and governance, with a focus on CAP™, RiskBench™, and RiskCalc™ products.

    Irina Korablev leads product management and go-to-market strategy for the CAP solution, RiskBench™, and its related data products. Irina is also a specialist for the Data Alliance Portal. This consortium of 100 leading financial institutions and Moody’s Analytics enables financial institutions to manage their credit risk through improved data quality, transparency, and models.

    Moscow State University: MS, Applied Mathematics
    Central European University: MA, Economics

    Credit Risk Modeling: Moody’s Analytics delivers award-winning credit models and expert advisory services to provide you with best-in-class credit risk modeling solutions.

    Financial Data: Moody's Analytics financial data solutions enable you to assess market opportunities and compare entities across systems.

    Data Visualization: Moody's Analytics data visualization and discovery solutions deliver comprehensive, enterprise-wide visibility into risk and finance data.


    Default & Recovery Risk: Risks following a default event where the defaulting entity's contracts cannot be honored.

    Representative Project

    Irina developed the loss given default model for the LossCalc™ tool and the private firm default probability model for the RiskCalc Russia solution

    Published Work