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    Rebecca Szoke

    Data Alliance manager

    Rebecca Szoke manages the Data Alliance. Her primary responsibilities include supporting members of the Data Alliance consortium and growing the global membership across multiple asset classes including Commercial and Industrial, Commercial Real Estate, Project Finance, and Asset Finance. Rebecca has extensive experience working with and presenting credit risk data, and additional experience in data governance, data visualization, and general data management.

    New York University, Stern School of Business: MBA
    University of California, San Diego: BA, Economics, minors in Math and Accounting

    Data Visualization: Moody's Analytics data visualization and discovery solutions deliver comprehensive, enterprise-wide visibility into risk and finance data.

    Credit Research: Tap into comprehensive credit research from Moody's Analytics and Investors Service, and gain detailed insights into our views on credit-related topics.

    Risk Data: Moody’s Analytics industry-leading global data solutions help financial institutions improve their strategic planning & risk management practices. Learn more now.


    Enterprise Risk: Business strategy to identify, assess, and prepare for any dangers to a firm's operations.

    Default & Recovery Risk: Risks following a default event where the defaulting entity's contracts cannot be honored.

    Stress Testing: Gauge of how certain stressors will affect a company, industry, or specific portfolio.