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    Align and streamline your business management and regulatory compliance by developing a range of strategic options that enable better-informed decisions. Moody's Analytics RiskFoundation Discovery delivers business, management, and regulatory insight for financial institutions.

    Gain a comprehensive view with enterprise-wide data visualization and analysis

    • The powerful data consolidation engine presents an easy-to-understand view of an institution by geography, line of business, and revenue stream.
    • Comprehensive drill-down tools allow decision-makers to understand, at the transaction level, the specific issues and drivers that use an institution's capital.
    • Easy-to-use search tools help managers search large data pools to generate new business insight and identify new commercial opportunities.
    • Flexible data visualization tools allow managers to review complex situations intuitively.
    • In-memory processing capabilities allow the solution to manage significant volumes of data quickly, smoothly and accurately.

    Generate business insight and powerful decision support

    • Develop multiple strategic options and make better-informed decisions by having the right data at the right time.
    • Have enterprise-wide visibility of your institution's risk and finance data, allowing decision-makers to holistically analyze their business dynamics and drivers.
    • Use powerful drill-down analytical tools to understand the business at a transaction level to see how your institution makes use of its capital.
    • Present complex operational and regulatory insights to a wide audience quickly, easily, and intuitively with visualization capabilities.
    • Use out-of-the-box applications that leverage Moody's Analytics Enterprise Risk Management solutions to align risk and compliance management with business management.

    Leverage powerful and secure reporting architecture

      RiskFoundation Discovery leverages QlikView, the award-winning solution that utilizes in-memory processing for high performance analytics and data manipulation. Its open architecture integrates seamlessly into Moody’s Analytics Enterprise Risk Management solutions to provide analytics for credit risk, liquidity risk, regulatory reporting, stress testing, and data quality management.

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