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    Economic Forecasts

    Moody's Analytics provides comprehensive macro and regional forecasts to help clients from various industries assess potential economic outcomes on the performance of businesses and investments.

    Forecasts are available for more than 70 countries, including the US and all of its states and metropolitan areas, plus countries, states, and cities around the globe. In addition, we provide forecasts for specialized datasets, such as housing price indices.Forecasts have a 30-year horizon and are updated monthly to reflect the latest economic data, conditions, and expectations.

    Fully Documented and Transparent Forecast Methodology

    Forecast assumptions are transparent and clearly documented by our team of more than 80 global economists and data specialists. The team also assists with model validation and other business needs.

    Comprehensive Coverage of the Global Economy

    Coverage includes more than 1,800 detailed variables for modeling various asset classes. They include personal consumption expenditure, auto sales, retail sales, bankruptcy and interest rates, initial claims, and more.

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