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    Case-Shiller™ Home Price Index Forecasts

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    Moody's Analytics forecasts of Case-Shiller Home Price Indexes provide forward-looking insight on the performance of home prices under baseline and stressed scenarios. Accounting for future economic conditions helps banks, government-sponsored entities, and other lenders effectively manage risk and opportunities in their residential portfolios.

    Leverage transparent, fully documented forecasts of home prices with scenarios to manage your business and investments

    • Quantitative econometric model to identify long-term equilibrium on house prices, plus short-term cyclical factors such as unemployment and mortgage rate changes.
    • Extensive coverage of the US, including all census regions and divisions, states, and metropolitan areas, as well as 400+ counties and 6,000+ zip codes.
    • Detailed coverage of more than 1,800 economic variables at the macro and regional level.
    • Monthly updated forecasts and standard alternative scenarios, with a 30-year forecast horizon.
    • Regulatory scenarios available as an add-on.

    Benefit from forward-looking insight on the performance of residential house prices for a variety of predictive applications

    • Conduct more localized and precise analyses by using forecasts based on the repeat-sales methodology developed by Karl Case and Robert Shiller.
    • Leverage insight to identify market opportunities, target growth areas, and adjust customer retention and marketing programs.
    • Determine the impact of real estate market downturns by stress testing the performance of your portfolio under stressed scenarios.
    • Calculate capital allocations to better determine management actions and distributions.

    Leverage credible forecasts of house prices from a trusted leading provider based on data from an authoritative source

      Case-Shiller Home Price Index Forecasts is backed by economists with extensive experience in forecasting business cycles and formulating credible stress scenarios. We offer a quantitative, transparent, and documented methodology for incorporating economic factors into housing price forecasts.

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