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    Richard Cross, PhD

    Richard is the Director of the Quantitative Research Group at Moody's Analytics, responsible for numerous analytical productivity and data quality initiatives. He designs, implements, and operates systems that apply lean manufacturing principles to data production. Prior to Moody’s Analytics, he was a consultant with McKinsey. He has a PhD and an MS in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech, and an SB in aeronautics and astronautics from MIT.

    Economic Data: Moody's Analytics provides comprehensive economic, demographic, and financial data at the global and regional levels.

    Economic Forecasts: Moody's Analytics provides trusted macro and regional forecasts to help clients assess potential economic outcomes.

    Economic Scenarios: Moody's Analytics provides internally and globally consistent economic, regulatory, and custom scenarios.

    Economic Workstations: Moody's Analytics provides powerful workstations for economic research, data, and forecasting analytics.


    Scenario Generation: Mathematical model simulating possible paths of economic and financial market variables.

    Published Work

    When Good Data Happen to Good People: Boosting Productivity with High-Quality Data

    In this article, we show the mechanisms through which data quality and productivity interact, and how investments in data quality can offer productivity gains.

    July 2017

    When Good Data Happen to Good People: Boosting Productivity with High-Quality Data

    With ever-increasing requirements for a higher quantity and quality of analytical output, the need to boost productivity in risk management has become more acute. In pursuing these productivity gains, we have observed that investments in data quality can offer dramatic improvements and typically pay for themselves.

    June 2017