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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates
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    Moody’s is here to serve our customers amidst COVID-19
    The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has created dislocation across industries and geographies and triggered urgent challenges for many businesses to address. We want to to reassure you that Moody’s Analytics is here to help.
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    Moody's Business Statement on Business Continuity
    We are committed to providing continuity of service to support our customers. To the extent possible, we are maintaining normal business operations.

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    Moody's Coronavirus Blog: The Latest on Our Efforts
    Moody’s is taking action to protect our workforce, support organizations carrying out vital relief work, and help market participants understand the financial implications of the crisis.

    Upcoming Events

    Moody's Analytics and Raymond James In Conversation: COVID-19's Impact on Consumer / Unsecured Lending

    This webinar will provide expert insight and trend analysis of U.S. consumer and unsecured lending in the age of COVID-19.