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    Moody’s Analytics award-winning solutions help businesses globally and across industries make better decisions.

    Asset Managers

    Asset managers walk a balance between profit and risk. While investors demand returns, regulators aim to keep risk in check. Moody’s Analytics can help. Our customizable, award-winning solutions provide you with data and tools to help you assess opportunities, while helping you understand and manage risk.


    Moody’s Analytics award-winning solutions are used worldwide by banks, ranging from those with $500 US million in assets to global, systemically important banks. Our modular and customizable offerings support credit risk management, balance sheet management, regulatory compliance, training, and more.


    It is not just the global financial community that benefits from Moody’s Analytics credit risk management solutions. Businesses across industries and regions look to us for not only these offerings but also investment evaluation, transfer pricing, and forecasting support.


    Moody’s Analytics award-winning solutions help insurers understand complex financial relationships and address a wide range of regulatory, financial, and risk management challenges, including pricing, valuation, reporting, and more.