Moody’s Analytics provides managers of institutional portfolios, retail investors, and advisers with scenario-based asset liability modeling, investment design, and risk management solutions.

Moody's Analytics | Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation

Moody's Analytics asset allocation solution helps establish, test, and run different asset allocations and identify risk-return efficient portfolios.

Moody's Analytics | Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Moody's Analytics financial planning solution helps retail investors and advisers identify and communicate risk to make appropriate planning decisions.

Moody's Analytics | Investment Governance Suitability

Investment Governance & Suitability

Moody's Analytics solution enables robust and objective risk-graded investment proposition, aligned with stringent regulation, and to specific business needs.

Moody's Analytics | Investment Product Design

Investment Product Design

Moody's Analytics investment product design solution delivers a suitability framework to develop investment propositions aligned with stringent regulations.

Moody's Analytics | Multiasset Portfolio Managemetn

Multi-Asset Portfolio Management

Moody's Analytics economic scenario and asset-liability modeling offerings support investment design and risk management activities.

Moody's Analytics | Pension Fund Investment Risk Management

Pension Fund Investment and Risk Management

Moody's Analytics solution enables defined benefit pension managers to design investment strategies and investigate funding solutions to secure their objectives.