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    Credit Assessment

    For more than a century, the Moody’s name has been synonymous with credit rating. Built upon this foundation, our credit lifecycle management portfolio helps you streamline your credit decision processes and address regulatory mandates.

    Determining the creditworthiness of borrowers is a critical component of lending success. In today's highly competitive lending environment, accuracy is essential, and time is of the essence when assessing counterparty risk.

    Yet the process of gathering and analyzing borrower information in order to assign a credit score or grade is still too often a manual, error-prone process that can take days - or even weeks. This time-consuming process is difficult for multi-million-dollar loans, but it can threaten lender margins on smaller loans.

    Backed by the expertise of our economists and credit specialists, Moody’s Analytics solutions provide an effective means of performing financial spreading and risk grading. Our solutions streamline the credit assessment process and increase loan application processing volumes, while enhancing the accuracy of credit decisions. Regardless of loan size, these efficiency and accuracy gains translate into higher profitability for lenders.

    Accurate risk grading improves decision making

    Advanced analytical models and objective credit ratings can greatly enhance the quality of credit decisions by facilitating an accurate risk assessment of the borrower. Our solutions allow you to use either your own proprietary models or our award-winning credit scoring models that have been built on our unparalleled experience with credit evaluation. This will enhance the quality of your deals and enable a transparent view of their associated credit risks.

    Consistent financial spreading saves time

    Assembling and analyzing a borrower's financial information is a time-consuming process for most lenders, especially with new clients and privately held businesses. Our solutions capture and analyze financials in a consistent manner and generate reports in the formats banks need for fast, accurate, and reliable credit decisions.

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