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    The Moody’s Analytics Pulse platform helps credit departments protect their accounts receivable (AR) portfolios from unpredictable businesses, with increased speed and efficiency. Pairing innovative technology with one of the largest databases of B2B credit information in North America, the platform delivers timely insights about customers, enabling businesses to act before their receivables are at risk.

    Improve your AR portfolio analysis

    •  Access credit reports for a deep look into portfolio or prospect companies
    • Prioritize collections with the insight of anonymized industry competitors
    • Gain access to the most relevant payment and spend data
    • Integrate risk assessment scores with your own portfolio data

    Streamline your AR portfolio monitoring with alerts

    • Monitor and manage client credit risk exposures with daily email alerts
    • Customize alert details to suit business decisioning thresholds
    • Monitor drops in credit risk scores using unique data on private businesses
    • Search through trillions of B2B transactions to identify accounts that are beginning to pay slower
    • Monitor how your customers pay businesses in your industry across millions of locations
    • Get rapid notification of customer bankruptcy filings
    • Gather the latest tax liens from state and federal sources
    • Collect news articles from national to local sources

    Access one of the largest sources of B2B credit data in North America

    • Business Identification
    • Purchase & Payment Behavior
    • Financial News
    • Contacts
    • Public Records
    • Business Firmographics

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