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    Performance Data

    The performance data in Moody's Analytics offerings enable professionals to assess risk and opportunities based on historical and expected conditions.

    Our extensive performance data allow you to examine deals, asset classes, and geographies through comparative analysis by cohort and/or region. We provide the most up-to-date performance data solutions at your fingertips.Our solutions are available with robust delivery and analytical platforms, including alerts to notify you of real-time metric changes.By leveraging our extensive and detailed performance data, you can make investment and risk management decisions in a forward-looking manner. 

    Develop insight into your exposures

    Moody’s Analytics up-to-date performance data provide you with unparalleled insight into the risk profiles of your exposures.

    Leverage accurate, timely data

    Accuracy, timeliness, and client support are the hallmarks of the Moody's Analytics performance data solutions. Data are updated as sources publish new figures, and forecasts and scenarios are updated monthly to reflect the latest conditions and expectations. In addition, we regularly run integrity checks and provide client support that goes beyond deployment of our data solutions.

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