The Moody's Analytics Solvency II solution supports solvency metrics and the associated regulatory reporting from both a group and solo perspective. It helps insurers comply with Solvency II and other similar regulatory regimes, offering both standard-formula and internal-model approaches.

Our award-winning Solvency II solution provides enterprise risk and solvency management for insurance companies. As a comprehensive, modular solution, it addresses business needs and production requirements associated with regulatory capital calculations, data management, and reporting.

This solution has been optimized to manage the required risk and finance data for Solvency II by gathering, consolidating, and quality-checking the large, disparate sets of data from various systems required for calculations and reporting. As a scalable, enterprise-wide solution, it allows users to manage risk and solvency business processes in a multi-user/multi-site environment.

The regulatory reporting solution uses results produced by the regulatory capital solution to prepare the required regulatory reports across a range of formats, and it can seamlessly process and consolidate imported results from other internal systems. The combined solution provides a strategic platform for the all the data and quantitative reporting aspects of Solvency II and other similar regulatory regimes.

Maximize your return on investment, minimize total cost of ownership

Our technology framework has been designed to support your long-term business needs, enabling you to maximize your return on investment. It provides a flexible and open technology that can integrate with existing upstream and downstream systems. The shared grid computing environment, developer toolkits, and application programming interface (API) provide deployment options to minimize implementation and system maintenance costs. Insurers can also build on prior infrastructure investments by adding modules over time.

Scale your Solvency II solution with your business

This modular solution supports enterprise-wide control of risk management and business processes, combined with the flexibility to meet the unique needs of different firms. The software can be tailored to support either small-scale business unit deployment or large-scale multi-national enterprise deployment. It is supported by a data management platform, which provides a controlled enterprise environment to manage business processes in a multi-user/multi-site environment. It also ensures transparency through its audit and data quality features.


Economic Forecasts & Alternative Scenarios

Moody's Analytics provides baseline economic forecasts and alternative scenarios for more than70 countries, updated monthly.

Financial Markets Forecasts

This service provides forecasts of market risk instruments under alternative scenarios for improved risk management processes.

Market-Consistent Economic Scenario Generator

The Market-Consistent Economic Scenario Generator contains stochastic asset modeling tools in a flexible framework to produce risk-neutral scenarios.

Real-World Economic Scenario Generator

The Real World Economic Scenario Generator contains stochastic asset modeling tools within a flexible framework for a wide range of risk management activities.

Regulatory Reporting for Insurance

Moody's Analytics Regulatory Reporting for Insurance produces and prepares required regulatory quantitative reports in the formats, languages, and templates.

Risk Scenario Generator

The Risk Scenario Generator (RSG) produces market and non-market risk scenarios to support capital modeling and risk aggregation for insurers.

RiskFoundation™ for Insurance

The RiskFoundation platform provides a controlled enterprise environment to implement and manage a risk management system and comply with regulatory frameworks.

RiskIntegrity™ Capital Aggregator

RiskIntegrity Capital Aggregator enables insurers to calculate one-year VaR, risk-based capital, using a Monte Carlo approach.

RiskIntegrity™ Internal Model

The RiskIntegrity Internal Model software supports insurers in the automation of processes to calculate and report their regulatory or economic capital.

RiskIntegrity™ Proxy Generator

The RiskIntegrity Proxy Generator is an enterprise solution that calibrates proxy functions to model metrics, such as asset and liability values.

RiskIntegrity™ Standard Formula

RiskIntegrity Standard Formula supports insurers in automating processes to calculate and report standard-formula solvency and minimum capital requirements.

Scenario Service

Moody’s Analytics Scenario Service provides economic scenarios that describe plausible future paths of variables that are coherently related.

Structured Finance Portal Regulatory Module

The Regulatory Module offers key data and analytical metrics on demand to help financial institutions manage their structured regulatory risk.

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