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    The RiskIntegrity Standard Formula module supports insurers in the automation of processes to calculate and report their standard-formula solvency capital requirement (SCR), minimum capital requirement (MCR), and risk margin, as defined under various global regulatory regimes.

    Calculate group and solo SCR, MCR and risk margin in a controlled environment

    • Supports group and solo calculations of SCR, MCR, and risk margin through the combination of the calculation engine and corresponding regulatory dataset.
    • The calculation engine and regulatory datasets deliver the regulatory methodologies and associated parameters covering stresses, formulas, correlation matrices, and capital calculations.
    • Manage business processes via its workflow technology and deliver an optimized risk and finance datamart to support business analytics and standardized reporting.
    • Check for integrity, coherence, and validity of data with embedded data quality and audit features.
    • Utilize business analytics capabilities, including the ability to view and export intermediate results.

    Deliver group and solo calculations

    • Mitigate ongoing cost and resourcing impact of having to update datasets each time regulations are updated.
    • Use with our Regulatory Reporting to support delivery of group and solo entity reporting requirements within a single solution.
    • Use with our RiskIntegrity Capital Aggregator to support modeling a partial internal model SCR.

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