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    Moody’s Analytics SolvencyWatch™ solution enables insurers to effectively monitor their solvency metrics in a volatile world.

    Fast and accurate monitoring capability

    • Produces real-time updates of solvency metrics under the latest market conditions.
    • A user-friendly dashboard enables chief risk officers (CROs) to visualize the impact on metrics under changes to market and non-market life risks.
    • Delivers efficient actuarial modeling approaches for assets, liabilities, and out-of-model adjustments (for example, new business).
    • Gives CROs a narrative on analysis of movements for key risks to help communicate what is driving changes in crucial metrics.
    • Answers on-demand, “what-if” requests to support decision-making processes.

    Cost-effective solution that delivers actionable financial analytics

    • Offers greater control of the monitoring process for CROs by reducing reliance on other business areas to produce solvency updates.
    • Removes the needs for frequent runs of existing model infrastructure, helping to manage costs and resources.
    • Supports senior stakeholder decision-making with a business-oriented tool.
    • Empowers users with an easy-to-use, modern technology platform.

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