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    Moody's Analytics Insurance business insight solution integrates business scenarios with existing modeling solutions to generate analytics that provide insight into the dynamics of your insurance business.

    In today’s environment, there is increased focus on delivering value to shareholders and policyholders. Senior stakeholders want to understand the dynamics of value creation and the resilience of the business to a wide range of economic and insurance risks. This request can be challenging due to the increasing complexity of modeling an insurance company, and managing numerous processes across multiple teams, and the need for significant actuarial/risk/finance resources to deliver such insight to management.   

    Our models, research, software, and insurance expertise help firms to address these challenges. Our solutions help answer projection, stress testing and "what-if" questions, allowing the development of easy-to-understand and consistent business analytics to support decision making and strategic planning.

    Whether you need to project your key financial statements and metrics, develop forward-looking narrative economic and insurance scenarios, assess the return on different tranches of allocated capital, or understand the impact of various scenarios on liquidity, we have a solution to help. Our products can help you gain insight into your business, and manage your business more effectively.

    Enhance your Modeling Capabilities with Business Insight

    Today’s senior stakeholders demand an insight-oriented approach to business projections that includes the key metrics they use to run the business. With such insight, they can assess the impact of different forward-looking scenarios and associated management actions, such as strategic asset allocation and new business volumes.

    Our modeling and analytics platform is designed to provide a holistic view of the business to support specific activities like stress testing and business planning. It can be integrated with our comprehensive actuarial modeling capability, leverage underlying models and data from existing modeling infrastructure, and support a range of agile modeling methodologies.

    Leverage Deep Expertise for Scenario Management

    Insurers often struggle to articulate the narrative, deterministic scenarios against which they will test their business plans. Their goal is to assess the impact of adverse multi-period events like a protracted slump or prolonged low interest rate environment, and historical scenarios, like Japan’s economic stagnation and price deflation of the 1990s.

    We produce standard and bespoke macroeconomic narrative scenarios to support insurance company projections, giving senior stakeholders confidence to assess the robustness of their business plan.

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