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    Brian Robinson

    Actuary; risk management specialist; corporate and capital modelling expert
    Brian Robinson is responsible for product development and advisory within insurance across capital modeling and Moody’s Analytics business insight initiative. Recently, he has been leading Moody’s Analytics offering to help in areas such as corporate modeling, financial & capital planning, and stress and scenario testing. Brian’s team combines software solutions and in-house advisory expertise to solve business challenges.
    University of Cambridge: MA, Engineering Science
    • Fellow, Institute of Actuaries (FIA)
    Moody's Analytics | Business Insight

    Business Insight : Moody's Analytics insurance Business Insight solution integrates economic scenarios with modeling solutions to generate required analytics and insurance business insights.

    Moody's Analytics | Economic Capital

    Economic Capital : Moody’s Analytics insurance economic capital solution provides critical insights that help evaluate solvency positions and risk-based decision making.

    Moody's Analytics | Regulatory Capital

    Regulatory Capital: Moody’s Analytics offers automated, streamlined, and integrated regulatory capital calculation and reporting solutions for a wide range of banking regulations.


    Enterprise Risk: Business strategy to identify, assess, and prepare for any dangers to a firm's operations.

    Stress Testing: Gauge of how certain stressors will affect a company, industry, or specific portfolio.

    Regulatory Capital: Amount of capital financial institutions must hold as required by financial regulators.

    Representative Projects

    Implementation of a risk scenario and analysis platform for CRO of a US Insurer that allows them to carry out multiyear what-if analysis to support strategic business decisions

    Implementation of proxy modeling solution for European insurer’s Solvency II Internal Model and strategic asset allocation needs

    Published Work

    Navigating uncertainty through enhanced business insight

    In this paper Brian Robinson discusses the challenges and way forward for a common projection capability which supports simplified processes, and delivers consistent business insight across functions, and the entire business.

    May 2018

    The Next Wave – Implementing a well-designed Internal Model

    Institutions are transforming their analytic capabilities to move beyond static reports that explain what happened in the past, to more modern analytics that can explain why an event occurred and what is likely to happen in the future.

    October 2016