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    Economic Forecast Scenarios: Regulatory

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    Many firms are required to test the impact of regulator-provided baseline and adverse scenarios on the performance of their portfolios. Moody's Analytics meaningfully expands regulatory projections to cover more than 1,800 variables for 50+ countries, including the US and all its states and metropolitan areas.

    Leverage expanded forecast scenarios based on projections provided by regulators

    • Includes meaningfully expanded variables for 50+ countries beyond those specifically provided by regulators like the Bank of England, EBA, Prudential Regulation Authority, and US Federal Reserve.
    • Covers more than 1,800 detailed variables, including personal consumption expenditures, interest rates, initial claims, vehicle sales, and more.
    • Produced, vetted, and maintained by economists with extensive experience in forecasting macro and regional economic conditions.
    • Provides a fully transparent and detailed methodology and complete access to our economists for better interaction with regulators.

    Backed by economists with more than 20 years of economic forecasting and management expertise

    • Analyze with confidence using scenarios produced, vetted, and maintained by Moody's Analytics economists.
    • Take advantage of off-the-shelf scenarios for quick incorporation into your decision-making and stress testing process.
    • Account for the most recent data and conditions, with monthly baseline forecast and scenario updates.
    • Leverage our detailed methodology for validation purposes and for access to our economists for better interactions with regulators.

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