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    Buy-Side Portfolio Management

    Moody’s Analytics Buy-Side Portfolio Management solution helps asset managers understand performance drivers within a portfolio and across an organization. The insights available allow asset managers to identify outperformance drivers, trend analysis, and investment opportunities, ultimately positioning them to retain and grow assets under management (AUM).

    The real-time solution places the asset owner at the center, so managers can communicate the portfolio strategy and performance with clients effectively and demonstrate investment opportunities live.

    Analyze performance data your way

    This cloud-based multi-asset tool was designed with flexibility and scalability at its core, meaning it can easily be tailored to individual investment processes and operate across multiple portfolios. Because the system offers different lenses through which to analyze the data, portfolio managers and operations teams can easily use the same platform, maximizing operational efficiency.

    In addition to analyzing performance of traditional factors, the system has the power to attribute Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, thereby allowing users to clearly understand their portfolio performance drivers and identify important trends.

    Designed for desktop and tablet devices, the Buy-side Portfolio Management solution operates in real time, as opposed to a rigid batch report run overnight. As a result, it allows what-if analysis, collaboration, and on-the-fly adjustments that yield better performance and eliminate the need for uncontrolled spreadsheets. The solution intelligently determines when data is incomplete and allows for multiple pricing engine options, providing better data quality and attribution results for the asset owner and improved insights across asset managers’ strategies.

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