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    CreditLens Monitor is a solution built for data-powered decision making and helps you understand behaviors, measure performance, and gain a dynamic risk assessment view of your loan portfolio Lenders spend 54%* of their time on portfolio monitoring and audits. Continuously extracting and analyzing information to understand your loan portfolio can be a manual and tiresome task leaving you little to no time to action on your findings. CreditLens Monitor helps you better understand your data and enhances it with layers of Moody’s Analytics robust proprietary data. The solution delivers AI-enabled automated alerts on emerging risk or potential opportunity so you can focus on critical action and strategic planning.

      For the Credit Review Officer:
      » Maintain risk oversight and control throughout the credit cycle with macro perspectives and outlooks
      » Influence and support strategic decisions with data-driven evidence

      For the Credit Administrator:
      » Uncover profitable business opportunities and superior market insights
      » Meet key performance metrics by identifying developing situations sooner

      For the Commercial Loan Portfolio Manager:
      » Make more informed decisions with quick and flexible views into your data
      » Stay ahead with visibility into market direction, industry trends, and credit cycles

    Feature Highlights

      Data Unification and Management

      Work more effectively with unified data, flexible reporting, and easy-access views across the deal lifecycle


      Loan Performance and Credit Quality Analytics

      Confidently monitor and easily share crucial analytics with the power of data visualization.


      Smart Work Queue

      Multi-task while staying informed with automatic alerts to increased risk or new opportunities powered by AI and machine learning.


      Warning Signals

      Quickly identify and action on changing trends in loan performance and profitability.


      What-if Analysis

      Protect the strengths and plan for the weakness in your credit portfolio through projections of macroeconomic trends.


      Peer Benchmarking

      Understand how your portfolio measures up with our exclusive peer benchmarking database

      *Based on a Loan Monitoring Study of US Banks by Moody's.

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