We are proud to have earned the top overall ranking in the Chartis RiskTech100 2023, the most comprehensive, independent study of risk and compliance in the market. This win is a testament to our strategy, our deep customer engagement and our investments to provide integrated perspectives on risk. We’re grateful to our customers who trust our solutions to provide differentiated data, analytics and insights that solve the problems they are facing.


Hear from Steve Tulenko, President of Moody’s Analytics speak with Moody’s CEO Rob Fauber and Chartis Research Brand Director Mark Feeley on the win.



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“Winning the top spot on this prestigious ranking is a tremendous achievement that reflects contributions from across Moody’s. The number-one ranking validates our continuous effort to help customers integrate data, analytics, and technology to decode risk and unlock opportunity.”

- Stephen Tulenko, President at Moody’s Analytics.

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Together with its accompanying awards, the RiskTech100® ranking provides a valuable assessment and benchmarking tool for all participants in risk technology markets.


The awards for strategy and functionality demonstrate the success of our growth strategy and innovation to meet customer needs as a leading global integrated risk assessment firm. We combine strategic investment with a focus on customers to bring a multi-dimensional and integrated view of risk to the market.

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Credit Risk Innovation
Credit Risk Innovation

As experts in credit risk, Moody's Analytics offers credit risk solutions that help firms improve how they measure, manage, and mitigate the credit risk inherent in their loan and investment portfolios.

A Trusted Partner in Innovation




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A Trusted Partner in Innovation
We prioritize innovation around our customers’ growing demands for identifying, measuring and managing a wider range of risks. With our in-house expertise, data/insights, and assets gained from strategic investment, Moody’s is uniquely positioned to meet customer needs across the entire spectrum of credit risk management.


Moody’s Score Predictor allows users to estimate standardized and comparable scores for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), physical and transition risk for any company globally, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).


EDF-X, Moody’s Analytics flagship solution for credit insights and early warning signals, pre-calculates credit measures for 425+ million companies globally—public and private, rated and unrated—using the best data available and provides customized views for a range of credit decisions.

Banking Industry Winner
Banking Industry Winner

Moody’s provides software, solutions, data and intelligence that empowers banks to take action. At every step, banks have a meaningful view of data and a holistic view of risk in order to shine a light on opportunities. We bring together the best of experience and expertise in regulatory compliance, lending, credit and market risks to empower banks to have the confidence to act on their plans.

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Insurance Industry Winner
Insurance Industry Winner


Our solutions bring together software, models, data and analytics, to create targeted solutions to meet industry challenges, including: KYC; underwriting; actuarial; regulatory & financial reporting; investment, ALM and capital management

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Catastrophe Modeling allows insurers and reinsurers, financial institutions, corporations, and public agencies to evaluate and manage natural and man-made catastrophe risk from perils ranging from earthquakes and hurricanes to floods and wildfires. Having the best models is key to enabling the (re)insurance industry to make crucial decisions. Catastrophe models inform insurers how to manage risk aggregations, deploy capital, and price insurance coverage. It also allows insurers to demonstrate capital adequacy to rating agencies.
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Chartis Research is a leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology. It is part of Infopro Digital, which owns market-leading brands such as Risk and WatersTechnology.
How Vendors Are Evaluated

Chartis analysts used a combination of sources to inform their decisions: user surveys, interviews with subject matter experts, customer reference checks, vendor briefing sessions, and other third-party sources.

More Awards

  • Chartis RiskTech100® 2022: Banking Industry Winner

    Moody’s Analytics won the Banking Industry category in this year’s Chartis RiskTech100®. This distinction honors the extensive global adoption of our solutions, which help banks with lending, regulatory and accounting standards, balance sheet management, and a host of other challenges.

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