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    Regulatory Capital

    Moody’s Analytics Regulatory Capital Solution offers automated, streamlined, and integrated regulatory capital calculation and reporting for Basel I, II, and III; IFRS 9; and EBA, CCAR, and DFAST stress testing.

    This award-winning solution helps financial institutions deliver fully integrated, streamlined, and accurate regulatory capital management and reporting. It leverages Moody's Analytics data management platform to deliver consistent regulatory and management reporting across Basel I, II, and III; IFRS 9; and stress testing. It utilizes a bank's regulatory capital data and applies embedded formulas to calculate the regulatory capital results quickly and efficiently. Seamlessly integrated into the Moody's Analytics Regulatory Reporting Solution, the Regulatory Capital Solution delivers automated regulatory capital reporting for over 50 regulators globally. 

    Automate, streamline, and secure your regulatory capital calculations

    Our Regulatory Capital Solution helps financial institutions deliver automated and streamlined regulatory capital calculations for a range of regulatory regimes. The automation enables regulatory reporting managers to reduce the complexity of calculating regulatory capital and submitting regulatory reports by leveraging calculation templates that codify the regulations. Powerful audit and security tools ensure you have total control over who can access critical data and reports to assure data quality and integrity.

    Leverage the value of granularity

    The solution leverages Moody's Analytics data management platform to capture granular, transaction-based data. Applying complex regulations at this level maximizes the allowances and buffers that banks can apply to their regulatory capital. This solution allows banks to optimize their capital allocation to reduce their overall cost of capital, thereby helping them meet their strategic objectives.

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