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    Nicolas Degruson

    Works with financial institutions, regulatory experts, business analysts, product managers, and software engineers to drive regulatory solutions across the globe.

    Nicolas Degruson is responsible for regulatory reporting solutions across all regions. He manages a team of regulatory experts, business analysts, and product managers on three continents. He created and led the implementation services team in South America, overseeing projects in a large range of domains: regulatory compliance, loan origination, credit assessment and monitoring, and limit management.

    ENSTA, France: Masters, Engineering
    Politecnico di Milano, Italy: Masters, Engineering

    Regulatory Reporting: Moody's Analytics regulatory reporting solution delivers comprehensive, automated, and streamlined regulatory reporting.

    Regulatory Capital: Moody’s Analytics offers automated, streamlined, and integrated regulatory capital calculation and reporting solutions for a wide range of banking regulations.

    Basel I, II, and III: Moody's Analytics Basel solution delivers comprehensive, automated, and streamlined regulatory capital compliance and reporting for Basel I, II, and III.


    Regulatory Capital: Amount of capital financial institutions must hold as required by financial regulators.

    Basel Beyond III: Global, voluntary regulatory framework on bank capital adequacy and market liquidity risk.

    Regulatory Reporting: EU: Submission of raw information and summary data to satisfy regulatory requirements.