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    Performance Attribution

    Moody’s Analytics gives investment managers insight into their clients’ portfolios and allows them to capitalize on opportunities that would otherwise be missed. Our performance attribution solution offers a new approach to attribution, which means better insight and decisions. For the asset manager, the solution helps assets under management (AUM) retention and growth. For the asset owner, that translates to improved performance and a closer match to objectives.

    Our multi-asset front-office decision support tool takes the most sophisticated pre-trade analysis and moves it into real time. It enables a clear understanding of the drivers of portfolio outperformance, identifying the trends in these drivers and discovering new opportunities. Designed with flexibility at its core, our solution can be tailored to individual investment processes and operate across multiple portfolios.

    Consistent and customizable

    Having a consistent, customizable view ensures a meaningful reflection of the investment strategy without the pain of reconciliation, and the close alignment of asset owner objectives with asset manager strategy over the long term. The tool is designed for real-time use on desktops and tablet devices, and enables what-if analysis, collaboration, and on-the-fly adjustments that yield better performance. The solution intelligently determines when data is incomplete and/or inaccurate and allows for multiple pricing engine options. It offers higher data quality and attribution results for the asset owner and improved insights across asset managers’ strategies.

    Asset owner focus

    Focusing on the needs of the asset owner means enriched communication and value for the end client, which promotes a closer, more collaborative relationship with asset owners. The solution can help investment managers win more client business by demonstrating your strategy through insightful trend analytics—identify outperformance drivers, trend analysis, and investment opportunities to make smarter investment decisions.

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