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    María Cañamero

    Skilled market researcher; growth strategist; successful go-to-market campaign developer

    María Cañamero is responsible for building global business strategy for Banking RegTech solutions. She is in charge of defining and implementing go-to-market campaigns for Moody’s Analytics new generation of cloud-native solutions—Banking Cloud, which help credit institutions meet regulatory capital as well as risk and financial reporting requirements.

    ESCP Europe: Master, International Management (MIM)
    Universidad de Salamanca: Economics
    Moody's Analytics | BASEL

    Basel I, II, and III: Moody's Analytics Basel solution delivers comprehensive, automated, and streamlined regulatory capital compliance and reporting for Basel I, II, and III.

    Moody's Analytics | Regulatory Capital

    Regulatory Capital: Moody’s Analytics offers automated, streamlined, and integrated regulatory capital calculation and reporting solutions for a wide range of banking regulations.

    Moody's Analytics | Regulatory Reporting

    Regulatory Reporting: Moody's Analytics regulatory reporting solution delivers comprehensive, automated, and streamlined regulatory reporting.


    Regulatory Capital: Amount of capital financial institutions must hold as required by financial regulators.

    Regulatory Reporting: EU: Submission of raw information and summary data to satisfy regulatory requirements.

    Basel III: International accord of reforms to improve regulation of banks and their risk management.

    Representative Projects

    2011 Banking Industry Survey on Stress Testing: 40 in-depth, one-on-one interviews with senior practitioners at banks of all sizes in Europe, providing an overview of best practices and challenges in the European banking industry.

    2018 Cloud Adoption Market Research: 27 one-on-one interviews with senior practitioners at banks across the world to understand the main reasons and barriers—as well as preferred approaches—behind cloud adoption.

    Published Work

    Final Basel III Reforms: How Can Banks Prepare for the 'Basel IV' Changes?

    In finalizing its Basel III supervisory framework, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) is implementing new rules for measuring credit, operational, and market risk.

    May 2019

    IFRS 9 Survey Results

    This article is a summary of the views expressed by regional banking institutions in a recent survey about IFRS 9 regulation. The survey was conducted to assess progress, potential challenges, and plans of banks with regards to IFRS 9 compliance.

    June 2016

    Global Banking Regulatory Radar

    The Moody's Analytics Regulatory Radar provides an overview of the main regulatory guidelines affecting the banking industry. It is a proprietary tool developed to monitor regulations in the immediate, medium, and long term, across multiple jurisdictions.

    December 2015

    Global Banking Regulatory Radar

    The Global Banking Radar highlights the busy regulatory agenda that banks will face over the next couple of years. The trend of increased regulation that began in the EU and the US is now spreading to other regions, requiring banks worldwide to comply with increasingly stringent and complex requirements.

    November 2014

    Regulatory Radar for Insurance: Emerging Regulations are Reshaping the Global Insurance Industry

    The increased focus and attention on the insurance industry are illustrated by the acceleration of regulatory efforts across the globe. Keeping up with the pace of regulatory change in the current environment is one of the greatest challenges facing any insurance company.

    May 2014

    Target Architecture for Stress Testing (North America)

    The Target Architecture for Stress Testing diagram illustrates the building blocks of a sound enterprise-wide stress testing system. The architecture highlights the need for a solution that will facilitate systems and models integration, data flow coordination, and automated reporting.

    November 2013