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    The RiskIntegrity Insight solution is a corporate tool that supports a range of insurer’s needs including stress and scenario testing, capital budgeting and planning, ORSA, reconciliation, and internal review. It is a configurable modeling and analytics platform that consolidates and projects financial and risk metrics under multiple regimes and what-if scenarios. The RiskIntegrity Insight solution reduces reliance on complex spreadsheets for corporate modeling, consolidation, and analysis.

    Upgrade to a modern modeling and analytics platform for consolidation and projections

    • Forecast financial statements and other metrics under alternative what-if scenarios.
    • Configure the dashboard with multidimensional drill-down analyses across businesses, products, and assets.
    • Create a user-defined limits framework to support analysis against risk appetite.
    • Manage consolidation calculations across business hierarchies, multiple currencies, and regimes.
    • Define overlay calculations (for example, additional metrics and reconciliation checks) with user-defined logic, mathematical formulae, and other built-in functions.
    • Access on-demand, what-if analysis through integration with our AXIS™ actuarial system.
    • Use the underlying models and data from your existing modeling infrastructure.
    • Manage multiuser access through a platform with built-in governance and controls.
    • Access via software-as-a-service (SaaS) for quick setup and deployment with lower initial costs.

    Empower the business through timely forward-looking insight

    • Support senior stakeholder decision-making with a business-oriented strategic tool.
    • Support the needs across multiple business stakeholders (CRO/CFO/CIO).
    • Reduce reliance on complex spreadsheets for corporate and business-critical processes.
    • Access a consistent corporate view from different source models across multiple regimes.
    • Enable greater confidence in analysis, mitigating errors and keyman risk through greater transparency, governance, and control.
    • Improve efficiency through repeatable and consistent production processes and cut hidden costs associated with building and managing spreadsheets.
    • Empower skilled resources to spend more time adding value through analysis.
    • Take advantage of a modern technology platform that evolves with your needs, not just today’s requirements.

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