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    Many firms seek to analyze the performance of their portfolios in stressed environments, according to their unique geographic footprint, business models, and risks. Moody's Analytics can help with custom/bespoke economic scenarios that help firms stress test their portfolios according to their idiosyncratic exposures.

    Leverage custom scenarios tailored to your unique exposures, footprint, and assumptions for business and regulatory needs

    • Scenarios are quickly produced from client-provided series/assumptions or in collaboration with clients to specify scenarios.
    • Scenarios are expertly maintained by economists with extensive experience forecasting macro and regional economic conditions.
    • Economic data are updated in real time, and recalibrated scenarios are available on demand.
    • Fully transparent and documented assumptions make for better interaction with regulators and help meet internal needs.

    Benefit from extensive economic forecasting expertise

    • Leverage our global expertise, depth, and coverage for economically sound, idiosyncratic scenarios.
    • Take advantage of our rapid turnaround time to quickly incorporate scenarios into your stress testing process.
    • Account for the most recent data and economic conditions when building scenarios.
    • Fully understand the underlying assumptions of each scenario with detailed documentation and direct access to our economists.

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