Integrated Risk Solutions for Insurers


Integrated Risk Solutions for Insurers

Colin Holmes, (CH) general manager - insurance, at Moody's Analytics, and Michael Steel, (MS) global head of business development, RMS, discuss Moody’s Analytics vision for integrated risk assessment and describe some of the ways the firm is supporting insurers.

Data Solution of the Year: Moody’s

There are several factors that make its ESG solutions unique in the insurance segment. This extends from company pre-screening based on predictive analytics, through assessments of an entity’s exposure to many forms of ESG and climate risk, to ongoing monitoring of portfolios to ensure future resilience, according to Moody’s. 

Risk Innovation of the Year: RMS, A Moody's Analytics Company

RMS® ExposureIQ™ is a cloud-native exposure management application available on the RMS Intelligent Risk Platform™. This innovative application is helping insurers, and now reinsurers, identify portfolio risk, find growth opportunities and bring efficiencies to event response.

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