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    Many firms test, for strategic planning and regulatory compliance, the impact of shocks and differing economic assumptions on their portfolios and businesses. Moody's Analytics produces standard upside and downside alternative scenarios for 100+ countries and aggregates. Clients can use these scenarios for CECL, IFRS9 stress testing and other applications.

    Leverage monthly updated scenarios from a trusted source

    • Baseline forecast plus upside and downside probability-weighted scenarios.
    • Available for 100+ countries and aggregates, including the U.S., and all its state and metro areas.
    • Coverage of more than 12,000+ economic, financial and demographic variables.
    • Forecasts are updated monthly, and include a 30-year horizon.
    • Fully documented model methodology and model validation reports.
    • Written narratives for baseline forecast and each scenario.

    Backed by extensive economic forecasting and management expertise

    • Leverage trusted scenarios based on well-established macroeconomic forecasting methods.
    • Account for the latest conditions and plausible threats with monthly updated forecasts.
    • Fully understand assumptions with detailed documentation and economist access.
    • Quickly incorporate into your strategic planning, CECL/IFRS 9 and stress testing processes.
    • Obtain direct access to economists with expertise in global macroeconomic forecasting.

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