Credit risk expert; data analytics and technology process consultant; former M&A advisor for private equity and corporate clients

John Baer works with risk-minded professionals globally to design and develop credit origination and risk measurement solutions, focusing on borrower and transaction risk. He uses his product management and financial analysis experience to transform the ways financial institutions are evolving their credit origination processes. Currently, John serves on the Advisory Board for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Bay Area.

University of Notre Dame
BBA, Accounting and Computer Applications
Certified Public Accountant
Moody's Analytics | Credit Assessment

Credit Assessment: Automating the process of financial spreading and credit scoring increases loan application volume and helps lenders make better credit decisions.

Moody's Analytics | Risk Data

Risk Data: Moody’s Analytics industry-leading global data solutions help financial institutions improve their strategic planning and capital and risk management practices.

Moody's Analytics | Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse: Moody's Analytics offers a powerful data management platform to help financial institutions manage risks and regulatory compliance effectively.


Enterprise Risk: Business strategy to identify, assess, and prepare for any dangers to a firm's operations.

Economic Risk Assessment: Quantitative economic assessment to help you understand the impact of forward-looking changes on the performance of your business and portfolios.

Credit Correlations: Measurement of whether risky assets are more likely to default together or separately.

Representative Project

As head of the Small Business Lending initiative, John and his team are devoted to helping clients improve their understanding of and interaction with small business borrowers.