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    What is EDF-X?

    EDF-X platform combines Moody’s Analytics award-winning risk models with the world’s largest company database to help you reliably assess the credit risk of rated and unrated, public and private companies globally – with greater speed and accuracy. Learn more.

    How EDF-X takes credit risk signals to the next level?

    Data and analytics to help you stay ahead of market risks.


    Leading Coverage

    Combined capabilities of our extensive company database and award-winning models provide accelerated credit insights for 450+ million pre-scored companies ranging from small family-owned businesses to large global enterprises.


    Simple Execution

    Choose from 100+ company identifiers, or use your own data, to get to the best credit assessment. The EDF-X web platform and API help create automated workflows.


    Moody’s Best Models

    Easily score entire portfolios without having to make modeling decisions. EDF-X selects the best Probability of Default (PD) model based on the best data available.


    Early Detection of Risk

    Early warning signals for every company help you spot emerging risks and opportunities across your portfolio faster. Historical trends and risk comparable for 300,000+ peer groups.

    What relevant insights should your credit risk platform deliver?

    EDF-X delivers multiple views of credit risks and opportunities in one platform to make better, faster decisions.

    • Early Warning System
    • 300,000+ peer group analytics
    • Scenario-conditioned credit metrics
    • Drivers of risk assessments & sensitivity to different assumptions
    • Dual risk rating (PD & Expected Loss Implied Ratings)
    • Loss Given Default, plus instrument pricing
    • Climate risk impact
    • News-based credit sentiment
    • Customized alerts
    • Firmographic & ownership details, plus parent-support framework
    • Trade payment behavior insights

    What is the best credit risk platform?

    Moody’s Analytics credit risk solutions have won numerous awards and satisfied customers across the globe.